Monday, October 23, 2006

Withrow Park, 11:27 AM

South Asian woman, early 20s, brown hair with purple streak, handsome nose, long sleeved collared shirt under short sleeved polo shirt, ski vest, worn Grandpa scarf wrapped tight around neck, sitting on the bench with her girlfriend's head in her lap.

LIAR, Lynn Crosbie (Anansi)

About 103 pages in, just about to end the page.

The Polaroids remain in the locked box; its keys locked elsewhere:
such complicated intimacy.

They pre-date you, and have been winnowed down to a select
group, that flatter me and no one else.

Your lips had parted. You'd wanted to shape it out loud. Feel your breath empty on the last syllable. Winnowed. Your girlfriend had smiled, arching her neck to get closer. She'd thought you were making your kissy face.

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