Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Calgary, Central Blends Coffee Shop

Caucasian female, mid 30s, red shoulder-length hair, pale green eyes, strong jaw, wearing torn jeans and a tight "hustler" tee under a beaten long leather coat.

Journal of Pediatric Surgery, J. L. Grosfeld MD, FACS, FAAP (Saunders)

Patients with pectus excavatum often experience limited cardiac and respiratory function. The deformity can also cause socially limiting psychologic stress because of the appearance of the chest.
I miss the frog you had on your living room wall, bloodied and open on a massive canvas. I could see it from the toilet, its head tilted back, mouth agape. My throat constricted; I wondered if the frog could swallow, pinned forever in that position. I often wanted to guide its head forward when you weren't looking, massage its shoulders and clean the dribble from its chin.


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I found it via a Brazilian blog (in portuguese) called leitura_do_dia.blogspot.com.

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Julie Wilson said...

Happy you found it!

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