Thursday, November 16, 2006

The dulcet vocal stylings of Seen Reading

Please tune in to Quirky Nomad's regular and delightful podcasts. Among other features, there's me reading a Seen Reading entry. I've been thinking about doing a Friday podcast. This will put some fire under my tender arse.



Rebekkah said...

I started writing when I was in high school, commuting on the subway every day. Public transit was obviously a great source of inspiration back then, and I want to thank you for sharing your inspired observations and musings. I no longer have the subway muse in my life, but I've really enjoyed reading your brilliant blog. I'm just mad I didn't get the idea on my own. ;-)

Julie Wilson said...

It's always the simplest ideas, hey? Who knows, I may never have another good one again!

Thanks for writing. I appreciate the kinds thoughts.

The Expat said...


Just heard your podcast on Quirky Nomads. It sounded great. You should do more... in fact, this is something that CBC Radio One should have on the air as a regular feature.

It would go with something like Between the Covers.


Julie Wilson said...

I was thinking of making it a Friday feature. Coming soon! (But maybe not, like, next Friday. But maybe...)

Amanda said...

i enjoyed hearing you read your entry and listening to the groovy background music too. i really do hope you set up your own podcast; i took a look at one of your stories on taddlecreek and enjoyed it, thanks for the link.

Julie Wilson said...

I won't have groovy music, but perhaps I could bust out the beat box...maybe not.

Glad you liked the story. I'm working on a manuscript which features a few of the characters. They have names now - Alice and Cass. Names are so hard.