Tuesday, November 14, 2006

File under "Aw shucks" or "Weeeeeeeeee!"

Well, this is awfully nice. Seen Reading has been nominated for "Best New Blog" for the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards. Voting starts tomorrow if you'd care to tip a hat in this direction. (I'd rather a pint, but you'd steam your keyboard.)


KK said...

Steam my keyboard? Wha?

Julie Wilson said...

To tip a pint in my general direction would be to tip a pint over the keyboard. Short circuits and all. Steam. Steaming keyboard. Shah? ;)

kelvin said...

you can't steam a keyboard with a pint since there isn't enough electric current flowing through it to cause even a fizzle.

I'm just giving you a hard time to make an excuse to leave a comment expressing my love for this blog.


Julie Wilson said...

YOU! You and your...your...your...your tank top! That's right, I said it. :)

kelvin said...

What tank top? What? Wha?

Who was wearing a tank top?

Oh my god.