Tuesday, November 21, 2006

File under "W" for Wee!

Today I'm being interviewed for CBC's Here and Now with Matt Galloway. What an amazing few weeks this has been. Truly, a treat. I'll post again when I know the air date.

***And, we're back. It was live. I don't know why I suddenly thought these things weren't, but there we are. Somehow I never imagined they'd let a newbie wander in off the streets and pull up a chair to the puffy mic. But they did, and ohmigod, what a thrill! What an honest-to-goodness thrill. The Nation's voice, y'all! [High fives dead air.]


Tessa said...


I just heard you on Here and Now - what a fantastic idea you have with Seen Reading. I love it.

Reading on the subway is one of my favourite things. (A good chunk of time with little distraction and the gentle rocking of the train on the rails is a magical combination.)

Being on mat leave with a 6-month-old, I haven't had a chance to ride the subway or, sadly, read much at all.

I'm excited to be able to read vicariously through your transit targets.


tim said...

the air date...it was live. Good to hear you mention Bill and Darren...I love when blogs get media attention!

tim posgate

Anonymous said...

I'm just sorry Matt thought Apostrophe was a teeny tiny book and that ECW is a "micro publisher"

but thanks!

jade07 said...

Heard you on CBC today. What a fun idea! Trouble is I never take the subway.
Maybe I could it on what people are reading during traffic jams?
Guess not.
Anyway congrats on a wonderful idea.

Dana said...

Hi Julie. I heard you on CBC today. What an amazing idea for a blog and a fabulous job you've done of it. My form of transportation is, alas, the GO Train. If you ever find yourself on the Lakeshore line, I'll be the one slumped over my lastest read, sleeping.

I'll be back! Dana.

Old hippy said...

Thank you Julie. Now I just have to figure out how to navigate blogs. This is my first venture into blogdom!
I don't ride TTC, I am a painter I need my van. I do recall reading Catch 22 on a very long bus ride in Spain where I had to laugh so hard that if I hadn't waved the book around to a staring audience as proof of my temporary insenity I might have been in trouble.
Shit...that was 30 years ago! How time flies.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed hearing you on Hear and Now yesterday. What a great idea! I'll be back to catch up on what's being read. I don't commute so you won't catch me and my fluff.

tim said...

Nice to read all the comments, post CBC interview...I am wondering out loud if most of the people in our society who are serious commuters have the time and energy to read blogs, listen to podcasts etc.?

Maybe it is mostly, freelancers, artists, artocrats etc...out there reading our blogs.

tim posgate
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Smote said...

I had to leave work when the pre-announcement came on, but when I hopped in a cab — lo! the driver had it on! Turned It Up, even.

Julie Wilson said...

Thanks Tessa. I used to take the Bloor Line to the end. I loved sitting in the last car and waiting for the back seat to clear so I could tuck in, put a foot up, and forget everything until the conductor was kicking me off! (Have fun with your wee one!)

Julie Wilson said...

Hi Tim. Apostrophe is, hands down, the best sighting I've had, simply because it was so unexpected as was the reader. And it was pretty cool to be able to give Bill and Darren a shout out.

Julie Wilson said...

Anon, I don't remember Matt saying that ECW was a micro publisher. I know "small" came up because I countered with "chunky" thinking he meant the trim size. But then I realized he was speaking in terms of print runs and media coverage and how astounding it would be to encounter a text of this sort out in the open. But, again, that's why I love this gig; if people are buying the books, of course, it's only a matter of time before we'll see them reading them.

Julie Wilson said...

Jade, eyes on the road and hands on the wheel! ;)

Julie Wilson said...

Thanks Dana. I took the GO for two years. I used to crave the long haul, just me and a book or my thoughts (or a little nap) for the hour back and forth from school. Top car? Great for peering off in the distance when you hit a great sentence and just want to absorb it for awhile.

Julie Wilson said...

Other anon, rock on with the fluff! It's all good. :)

Julie Wilson said...

Old hippy, welcome to the blogosphere! Pace yourself. Take hourly breaks. Stretch the legs. Drink water. It's a big, bold world in here!

Julie Wilson said...

Smote, I was just in a marketing meeting today where we discussed just that, cab drivers who listen to the CBC. That's great! How bizarre that you two got to share that. Bringing people together, that's my goal... ;)

The Chapatikid said...

Galloway called ECW a "micropress." SW has fired off an epistle to correct that misnomer. Thanks for the Apostrophe plug! And yes, SW is the cat's miaow!

Julie Wilson said...

Go SW! Go SW! Go, go, go SW!

Anonymous said...

now you just need some adsense to capitalize on all these eyeballs.

zitakatalin said...

Darn, I missed this! Too bad the EYE article came out after your famous appearance.

Sounds like you had a good time. Congratulations.

Looking forward to being a regular visitor on your site.

Reading/books are my love and will always be.


Julie Wilson said...

Anon, true dat. I just applied the other day. :)