Friday, November 03, 2006

Thank you to Quill & Quire for a mention in their blog. Scroll down to Somebody's Watching. Prit-ee cool!

I'm thinking I should put together a press package for booksellers. I'd hate to think there are grainy security print outs filling the cork boards in break rooms around town. "Have you seen this woman?!"

And who doesn't love a Moleskine... No? Can't blame a girl for trying.


Heather said...

Oh my... I found myself spying on readers on the subway yesterday. I tried to see just how much info I could comfortably glean without seeming like a weirdo. It wasn't easy! Now I have even more respect for your project.

Julie Wilson said...

There are a few tricks. One, if you're wearing headphones people assume that intense look on your face has something to do with whatever podcast you're listening to. Two, most people really, really don't want to think that someone is staring at them, so they'll do most of the work to avoid making eye contact. Three, if I have my pad out already I'll make it look like I'm mid-scribble, so I didn't just start writing the second I saw you. People get curious but it doesn't occur to them that I'm noting the colour of their nail polish. Four, I'm actually invisible.