Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bloor Line, rumbling home on the last train

Caucasian woman, early 50s, short cropped salt and pepper hair, wearing a navy blue wharf coat, collar upturned, faded jeans and hiking boots. A silver ring adorns her right pinky. She spends as much time considering me as she does the page before her.

The Selected Stories of Patricia Highsmith, Patricia Highsmith (Norton)

About 3/4 through:

When she awakened in the morning, the world looked somehow different--sharper edged and more exciting. It was not the slight nervousness that might have been caused by a hangover. In fact Lucienne felt very well after her usual breakfast of orange juice, English tea and toast, and she painted well for two hours. She realized that she was busy detesting Edmund Quasthoff. Ludicrous, but there it was. And how many of her friends were feeling the same way about Edmund today?

She awoke on her half of the twin bed. The dorm room swayed with every tilt of her head. The roommate had come in at some point. Ahh yes, she remembered now. The wretching. She pulled herself up against the wall and surveyed the scene, a Rolling Stone magazine tear of Sinead O'Connor rumpled behind her shoulder. Balls of clothes, some of them hers. The girl beside her was beautiful. Wavy dark hair, arms up over her head, a Kafka t-shirt barely covering her runner's body, drooling out the side of her retainer. An emptied 26er of lemon gin sat atop the bar fridge, a tray of Tops Friendly Market's powdered doughnuts beside it. She scratched her head, remembered that she'd need to change her tampon soon, and tried to focus on the call she'd made to her boyfriend.


patricia said...

When I saw the name Patricia Highsmith, my heart skipped a beat; I thought perhaps you were describing me, but sadly no. I was recently reading a fabulous biography of Patricia Highsmith. Her short stories are deliciously dark and wicked.

Am loving your blog, and hoping one day you will 'see me reading'!

Julie Wilson said...

Oh yes, her stuff is unreal to me! I'd like to read that biography. I believe she's quite a character, non?

Here's to hoping I see you reading too!

(And congrats on your mention in Poets and Writers!)