Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bookninja on CBC Radio One tonight

Caucasian woman, mid 30s, hair disheveled, looking like a young Marlene Dietrich, no, Greta Garbo, sitting in front of a Mac laptop, dressed in mismatched fluffy housecoat and slippers, sipping black coffee, contemplating a burrito for breakfast, humming "The Joker", noticing an infected paper cut on her left middle finger, wondering if she should add that to the list when she visits the doctor., George Murray (George Murray)

Well, barring my making a complete ass of myself and being edited out, I should be appearing on CBC's The Arts Tonight with Eleanor Wachtel tonight (Wednesday, 10pm — half an hour later in Newfoundland…. MY GOD, I've always wanted to say that…) We'll be doing a Bookninja-based segment where we'll round up and chat about a few hot stories from the last little bit, possibly in the insouciant tone one might find hereabouts. Here's hoping you listen and here's hoping you like it.

Bookninja was, hands down, the reason I knew I could do Seen Reading and reach an audience. I've been singing its praises for as long as I've been a dedicated fan. It's good and consistent and passionate and smarmy. It sets the bar.

Congratulations to Bookninja for winning the Canadian Blog Award for Best Entertainment Blog. Entertainment! That's bloody fantastic!

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