Monday, December 04, 2006

Spadina streetcar, stuck at Dundas

Native Canadian woman, mid 20s, dressed in a jean jacket with brown turtleneck sweater up over chin, taupe scarf, green cargo pants and leather shoes with a thick tread. Her hair is up in a loose bun and chunky earrings dangle from her lobes. She carries a woven leather bag. A blind man in a fisherman's cap stands, staggering out of his seat into the aisle on the arm of a woman. It's unclear whether they're together or if she just can't stand to see him struggle around a car full of people with nowhere to move.

Baby Proof by Emily Giffin (St. Martins Press)

Page 115:

Still, I resist the urge to announce that I'm not as all-consumed with looks as some other women seem to be, and that I'd rather Tucker be a Victoria's Secret model than a concert pianist or fighter pilot or something else that Ben would really respect.
A man stands in the doorway of a hair salon holding a lingerie bag. He stares out into the street making strained eye contact with random pedestrians like a hostage in a bank robbery. Inside, Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits are in rotation with The Scissor Sisters, the Sliver soundtrack, Bette Midler and Gino Vannelli. His wife is telling him to come back and sit down already. He can't turn around. He knows she'll accuse him of being homophobic, but he really couldn't care less who the hairdresser's banging. It's her head. When it's wet, it just looks so small.

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