Thursday, December 07, 2006

Young Lovers on the Yonge Line

I wondered when I would see them again. She is pale as porcelain, a fleece headband covering her forehead and ears. He wears a corduroy cap with rim, his curls hanging loose over his exposed ears. They sit knee to knee, sharing the daily paper.

metro, Free Daily News Group Inc. (Bill McDonald)

Page 10:

Memories of two violent tragedies seemed as fresh as the white roses placed on 14 steel monuments yesterday in a small memorial park not far from Montreal's Ecole polytechnique.

She stood and adjusted her backpack. He continued to stare ahead at the article. She tapped his cap like they'd been married for fifty years and needed reminding. "Come on," she'd said. "Time to go."


MattAlexander said...

How do you make every bit of writing you reproduce on this blog sound like poetry?

If I had read that article in the metro paper I would have thought it was trite, but somehow you make it sing.

ms peacock said...

cutest ever. i want to be them.

Julie Wilson said...

In this case, Matt...a lack of sleep! Brevity was the order of the day. (Thanks!)

Julie Wilson said...

Ms Peacock, I thought I'd lost them. Just the other night I asked aloud, "Will I see them again?" C'est voila, the next morning, cute as ever. I really can't do them justice.