Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Boys will be boys.

Caucasian male, late 20s, with short messy brown hair and a boyishly pudgy face, wearing a green sweatshirt, faded jeans, black sneakers and a TTC button on his wool coat.

Oath of Swords, David Weber (Baen)

Page 319:

It was an obscene mix of insect and bat, moving with the darting vitality of a lizard, and foot-long fangs clashed as it snapped its jaws and screamed his name.
His eyes are slightly crossed as he looks over his glasses at the young boy sitting adjacent to him, also reading.

Caucasian boy, maybe ten years old, wearing a puffy blue ski jacket and striped knitted hat. His mother accompanies him, standing protectively in front of his seat, carefully considering everyone around her, notably the man with the crossed eyes who spends a considerable amount of time looking at her son's book. She takes her son's chin and directs him back to his own page, instructing him to "Leave the man be."

Star Wars(R) the New Essential Guide to Alien Species, Ann Margaret Lewis and Helen Keier (Del Rey)

Page 6:
Amanin are very tall, thin, mostly yellow-skinned arboreal beings who gain their height for their long arms, which they use to travel from branch to branch.
The man and the boy glance sideways once more, their conspiracy afoot...

The Amanin crashed to the ground, the beast atop it, gnashing within inches of its neck. The Amanin reached up far past the beast's wings, treacherously close to its teeth, acidic saliva burning its neck, to the lowest branch and pulled itself up, up into the cover of leaves. The beast wrenched its head, locating the Amanin, trumpeting a screech that shook the forest floor, and, pumping every muscle in its legs, soared into the trees toward its target.

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