Monday, February 12, 2007

A good bunch of coconuts.

Thank you to the creative writing class at Marc Garneau Collegiate, and their facilitator, Katherine Parrish, for having me as their guest today. It was such a privilege to spend time with you. Thanks for letting me Wa-wa-waw up at the front for an hour. (And, check it out: Jump the shark!)*

There are so many ways to discuss the artistic process, critique it and respond to it. I think you'll find that by taking this course, and really opening yourself to your time together and the exercises you're given, that you'll acquire a skill set that's of tremendous value whether or not you ultimately decide to pursue creative writing outside of school. Employers, more and more, are looking for engaged minds, people who have a keen appreciation for how others experience the world and make meaning of it. To be a strong writer, a strong reader, is a highly desirable trait.

Think of it like this: Creativity is all around us; we don't all put in on the page or on a canvas, into a song or sculpture. Most of us carry it in our day-to-day performance. How we dress and talk, act and choose friends. So having learned sensitivity to how we all apply a narrative to our daily lives will make you more sensitive and astute individuals.

Alright, pencils down. Lecture over! ;)

*The precise moment in my talk when I suddenly felt very old. "Happy Days?...Fonzie?....Anyone?"


Tasneem Dasoo (Marc Garneau CI) said...

That was a really great experiance.I really enjoyed having you come to our class and answer many questions. You have definatly left a lot of ideas swimming in my head. Now with fresh things to write about, if i can try, on a daily basis. Thank you.

Julie Wilson said...

That's so good to hear, Tasneem! Thank you so much for writing. I hope you continue to enjoy the class. Katherine mentioned that you have angela rawlings coming in at some point. She'll knock your socks off!

Best of luck with your writing. HAVE FUN!

Emily said...

I wish you came to my class.

And as for the whole "jumping the shark" thing - you're not the only one who remembers it. Henry Winkler was on Arrested Development and they actually had him leaping over a shark that was on the dock. And that's my "Arrested Development is so funny/intelligent" plug of the day.

As for the actual event, I don't remember it - I'm way too young.

Julie Wilson said...

Oh, I miss that show! Plug it all you want, :)

(And, I'm not *that* old!)