Friday, March 02, 2007

Yonge Line, contently engrossed

Caucasian woman, 60ish, with white hair and square glasses wearing a beige jacket and purple scarf.

Close Case, Alafair Burke (St. Martin's Press)

Page 254:

Before she even realized she was nervous, Heidi had ducked into her car, started her engine, and driven six blocks. Only when she stopped for a light did she register her quickened pulse, her rushed and shallow breathing.

Her side table holds lemon cuticle cream, a packet of tissue, an eyeglass case and a bottle of Aspirin. His side table holds a nail clipper, a packet of tissue, an eyeglass case and an emptied glass of scotch. Her book is in her lap, traded for a journal and pen, a quick scribble to jog the memory tomorrow. His book is a collection of jumbo crosswords resting on his chest, his head back, eyes closed. Her feet are elevated slightly, ankles always aching. His feet peek out the end of the bed, his six two frame never having spent a night of this marriage all on the mattress. Her breath is steady, even, pleasantly end of day and wound down. His has stopped.

Her kiss on his forehead.

Her body rolling away.

Her hand reaching, gripping his.

Her smile.

Her dreams.

Her coming morning.


Mehnaz said...

I really like this one Julie.

Julie Wilson said...

Thanks. Feels like a little slice of life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie. Once again, another great post:)
I was wondering, what publishing house do you work for? Also,what is the magazine you have in connections with in Montreal?

Julie Wilson said...

Both answers can be found in the side bar. ;)

As for the magazine, I don't have any connections. They contacted me to submit a piece. Should I presume you're a writer?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the speedy reply! Yes, I'm a amateur really.

Wisewebwoman said...

Beautiful writing Julie, so much is said with so little.

Julie Wilson said...

Anon, I suspect I'll always feel like an amateur. It keeps me inventing, certainly approaching every word with the sort of discipline that, I hope, will define a career in this vein. Do you have a form you like? Poetry, micro fiction, short stories, novels? Essays? (Little bit of everthing?)

Anonymous said...

I think I would say, I write a little bit of everything. I sometimes write poetry, a short story here and there, and I'm working on a novel. As for essays, they are sort of forced on me:D
I'm not the kind of person though that can sit for hours thinking of a poem to write. I prefer it to come out "naturally", on its own.