Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yonge Line, no sign of chill in the air.

Asian male, late 20s, wearing a black fleece jacket, open, over a crisp blue dress shirt and tie. As we cross over the DVP he looks up and smiles. Sunshine.

On Beauty, Zadie Smith (Penguin)

Page 218:

They would have preferred to hear more about Mick Jagger, or Sam Shepard, the man she'd gone to Montana for, as they already knew from their Googling.

I imagine driving a gravel road, leaning forward, map against the wheel. I adjust the visor, the sun glaring through the windshield. The air is off, the window down. I don't trust drivers who lean their arms out of the window, drumming the side of their door, cupping the side mirror, or even just surfing the breeze, but mine is red and sore from the long ride. Once off the highway it just seemed the right thing to do, to dangle my fingers as if they'd be greeted by a neighbouring dog running alongside, trying to catch licks of my lunch, a roadside steak and eggs. A lot seems like the right thing to do once off the main road. And for the same reason, I have a cold beer sweating between my legs.

The farm is up ahead. Horses jump at each other's shoulders. I see their forms walking slowly down the driveway to meet me, his arm slung around her shoulder, her finger hooked in his back belt loop.

Evening settles. The dishes have been set aside and we're on the porch, chairs circling. She has her knees up under her chin. He has a leg stretched out beside her. I'm petting the dog and admiring their ease. She opens her mouth, takes a small breath and then whispers a line from one of his plays.

(* I want to be invited to Jessica Lange's ranch for dinner. Sam can read poetry.)


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

I love to see people do that.

Julie Wilson said...

Do what? Smile over the DVP? I confess to being one of them!

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

LOL Smile into the light. hehe Whenever I come out of a building or out of a subway, etc. I love to look up and smile into the light as I feel hopeful somehow.

shannon said...

I'm reading On Beauty at the moment and absolutely loving it! I got a copy of White Teeth recently, because On Beauty has impressed me so much! I really recommend it!

p.s. I've had a link to you on my lj blog for some time now, but I think you're right, someone who gets a lot more traffic than I do has done the same! Still, I direct people here when I can, cause I love your blog!

Julie Wilson said...

That's sweet, Shannon. Thanks! The more the merrier. :D