Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bloor Line, arm resting effortlessly against the overhead bar.

Black man, late 40s, wearing a dark suit and striped tie with leather shoes, carrying a Roots back pack with compass key chain.

A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You, Amy Bloom (Random House)

Page 50:

Charlie walks down to the end of the dock, shedding his jeans and briefs. He stands with his back to Ellie, dimly white against the dark. His ass is small and high around its shadowy cleft, deeply dimpled in the middle of each cheek, and this thighs bow out like a sprinter's.

He slips out the cottage, leaving his lover to sleep. He makes his way down the hill to the stairs and sits with his coffee, greeting the morning. He pulls his hoody over his head and rests back on the steps, his hand shading the glare from the water. A radio plays somewhere down the channel, a selection of early 80s soft rock. He empties his mug into the water and slips his shorts under his feet, his hand shading his nakedness from the breeze. He inches a step lower and dangles his fingers into the shallow water. Minnows scatter, a spider waxing across the surface. He holds himself safe, a gentle tug set back from view, then glides into the water to take the first of twenty laps.

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