Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bloor Line, perhaps to the end of the line.

Caucasian woman, mid 20s, with large, hoop earrings and short hair she pulls at for height, wearing low slung dress pants, white tank top and black suit jacket, a chain dangling from her belt to her side pocket.

Mouthing the Words, Camilla Gibb (Pedlar Press)

Page 166:

People don't understand dead. They think it is all or nothing. I used to move between live and dead several times in the course of a day. Sometimes the transition was as brief and unremarkable as a sigh or a sentence.

She stands in the stream of hot water, sudsing the bar of soap, her arms braced against her breast. Her stomach flutters, she pushes harder, the hiccups in her chest growing into full anxiety. She hasn't had any coffee in months, she exercises, she eats well, plenty of vegetables. She's just standing in the shower. He's sleeping an extra fifteen. Her tea sits on the bathroom counter, cooling. It's finally sunny. There's no reason for this. She puts her arms by her side and watches, the steady thumping punching against the thick of her belly. She exhales slowly and tells her body it's her turn now. She runs the show. She holds her breath and waits, not afraid that it takes one step closer to death to calm her.


Catherine Faas said...

this was intensly haunting, in the best way possible.
i really enjoy your blog and find it completely original. i read it daily!
i'm glad you inspire people to read books this way.

(if you ever have some free time, please check out my new blog project by clicking on my name. i apologize for using your layout as a sample)

Julie Wilson said...

Thanks so much, Catherine. This sort of comment spurs me on!

I love where you're going with your blog. It's right up my alley! Do you have a plan for it? (How often will you update, etc.)

I'll check back. Best of luck!

Catherine Faas said...

It's just getting off the ground. Still forming a solid plan. I hope to update 1 to 2 times a week. Thanks so much for checking it out. Your blog is one of the things that inspires me to write.

Julie Wilson said...

That's about the kindest thing I could hear! :)