Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bloor Line, the usual.

Caucasian woman, mid 30s, wearing flared white pants and a sea green, waistlength leather jacket.

Going Home, Danielle Steele (Pocket Books)

Page 234:

As I stood there I thought of Gordon. This was a far cry from what I had with him. He was my old side, this was my young side. This was the side of me that still had dreams left in it, and they just wouldn't quit.
Barefoot and giggling, she stood in the kitchen holding her mug to her bottom lip, blowing. She did the math as he stepped from the shower. It had been twenty-three years since she'd slept naked or read the newspaper in nothing but a man's shirt. Now she blushed at the sight of his wet body, calves tight, age spots receding into a fading hairline.

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