Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sitting on the back couch at Future's Bakery.

Caucasian male, late 20s, with short black hair, goatee and long sideburns, wearing a long-sleeved green tee under a green shirt, camouflage pants and bright green socks.

The Actor's Survival Kit: Third Edition, Miriam Newhouse & Peter Messaline (Simon & Pierre)

Page 175:

Your career is not a substitute for family and friends. You should not put the people around you on hold. You need not give up music, politics, social issues, philately, or soap-making for your career. Actors who are interested in nothing but acting are lifeless, coring, and deadly--on-stage and off.

We put our books down at the same time for slightly different reasons and watch.

A young woman calls out the order. The restaurant is bustling, tables filled with emptying plates of blueberry pancakes, pierogi and mashed potatoes. She calls it again. A burger with fries. A slight man shuffles to the counter. She is pleasant enough but when asking him how he'd like his burger dressed she raises her voice and crinkles her brow. "Did you say, LET-TUCE?" The man shies away, looks to a table, then steps forward, nodding. She tosses a few leaves on the patty and holds his plate over the steamers. He steps back. Her arms begin to shake. He looks to the table and nods again, holding his fingers to his lips and humming. A woman appears, taking the plate in one easy, confident motion and grabs some cutlery from the bin. He side steps, hiking his pants, his head bent like a dog about to be smacked. She smiles wide, "Good job, Richard!” and guides him back to their table. He pats her shoulder and wrenches his head around in broad circles, inhaling his laughter. "You're welcome, Richard!"

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