Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trane Studio, watching the bartender chip ice.

Caucasian woman, late 30s, wearing jeans and a soft, black top with hood, holding a thistle.

Human Resources, Rachel Zolf (Coach House Books)

Page 7:

We took this offline to firm up the 'one-stop shopping
spot' for HR content requires minor refreshing.

My head's spinning in reverse 360s just to close the
loop with you.

She orders a second glass of wine.
She catches up.
She drives out of town for lunch.
She tips the man who cloths her car.
She gets her car washed.
She pulls away.
She shakes.
She stares out the windshield.
She slams on the breaks.
She dials her favourite song into her iPod.
She drives past the park.
She calls her friend to say she's on schedule for their date.
She unbuttons her coat in the sun.
She throws a bag into the composter.
She leaves her scarf inside.
She finishes the bottle.

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CreditGuy said...

She falls.
She sinks into a sleep.
***The End***