Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Allen's, waiting at the bar.

Caucasian woman, 27, with long blonde hair, wearing a short black jacket over a white collared shirt, and black capris.

Cat's Eye, Margaret Atwood (Emblem Editions)

Page 152:

I think, What if she's had a heart attack? I look: there's blood on her forehead, not much, but a cut. She must have hit her head falling. And no one's stooping, and she's lying there on her back, a bulky fifty-odd woman in a poor-person green coat, gabardine, and lamentable shoes all cracked, her arms outflung. The tanned-looking skin around her brown eyes is red and puffy, her long black and grey hair is splayed across the sidewalk.

I know she's 27 because when he comes into the bar and they switch to the booth beside me to begin her date she says," I haven't found the right person to have ONE child with let alone all my children. I'm not on birth control. I want you to know that. I won't get you intoxicated and take you upstairs and roll you in the sack. People got to get to know one another. I can see the look in your eyes. You're thinking I'm young. You might be older -- How much older? -- Oh. Well, you know, the body keeps moving, but you're still young at heart. But I need you to know, I'm 27."

Two minutes later.

Him: "I have more experience with age. Physically, I don't feel different. Well, I used to play hockey and ball. That's been awhile..."

Two mintues later.

Her: "I haven't written off having a baby. You're one of the kindest men I've met. What is your three year goal? Honestly and truly. Or, do you just want someone to go out with--?"

Him: "Let me answer. Let me answer. You asked a question. I would not be averse to having a child. But, monetarily speaking..."

Another glass of wine appears and a pint.

Ten minutes later:

Him: "Yah, I'll have a child with you."

Ten minutes after that.

Him: "Love is one thing, but I wouldn't fall into "custody" with you."

Her: "I'm just saying, there are people who face the road and people who face the water."

Five minutes later:

Him: "I'd sooner slit my throat than commute."

Ten minutes later.

Him: "O.K. So we'd bus the kid out of town to a better school. I could handle that."

*Editor's note: First date, y'all.

Two minutes later.

Her: "That's one defence of the church. It teaches you to sit still."

Him: "What the hell does that have to do with what we're talking about?!"

Her: "You sit, you stand, you know our Creator...Then my parents divorced and it's enough to make me puke."

Him: "My younger sister is older than you..."

At this point he removes his hands, forearms and elbows from the table, leaving one wrist teetering on the edge while he leans way back into the booth.

Her: "Sit, stand, kneel, pray."

Him: (Suddenly taking her hand.) "Wanna get the bill?"

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