Friday, May 04, 2007

Bloor Line, greeting an old friend.

Black woman, late 40s, with orange-brown hair and bright red lipstick, wearing a tan, waist length overcoat.

Payment in Blood, Elizabeth George (Bantam)

Page 2:

The kitchen had long been a favourite haunt of Gowan's, mostly because, unlike the rest of the house, it had not been invaded, altered, or spoiled. There was no need to suit it to the tastes and predilections of future guests. They would hardly come wandering through to sample a sauce or talk about the turn of the meat.

They exchange warm smiles and hold each other's forearms while they reconnect, her index finger marking her page protectively. It's as if between the two, this old friend and this new story, she can't choose. Within two stops the friend will be gone but the story will continue.


Tan Light said...


Thanks for coming in to talk to us at Humber. It was really good to see and talk to someone who is out there making thier own way in the book world. This blog idea is really very cool.. a bookish-bent on people watching.. i love it really. I hope to see you around (as i tire myself out with party-going.. :) )

Julie Wilson said...


My pleasure. I was happy to extend my surfing analogy another year. ;)

Glad you like the blog. Stop by anytime. I'm open Monday to Friday, usually updating around 6:30-7:00 am.

Congratulations on surviving your first week!