Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Queen's Quay LRT, on her way up Spadina

Caucasian woman, mid 20s, wearing lululemon. I kinda have to stop there. I have a lululemon blockage.

Echoes of the Dance, Marcia Willett (McArthur & Co.)

Page 135:

There were bruise-colored patches under her eyes, the planes of her face were sharply drawn and her skin was lightly filmed with perspiration. That strong, healthy, sinuous lion-look she'd had all through last summer had gone.

Her range is limited, her efforts inching upwards beyond her waist into her torso, past her shoulders and onto her face. Her mouth has become the act, her breath, her partner.


Lotus Reads said...

What a great idea! I can't resist looking over people's shoulders to examine their reading material.

I might do a post on this sometime...fascinating idea!

Julie Wilson said...

Thank you! :)