Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yonge Line, heading south on a Sunday morning

Caucasian male, mid 20s, with short blonde fauxhawk, wearing black dress pants and blue striped dress shirt over a crisp white tee.

Governor of the Northern Province, Randy Boyagoda (Viking Canada)

Page 26:

She passed Hortense a napkin for the cake bits still coming up. With this, an honest, secret look passed between them. Of mutual need. Their schedule of Saturday morning tea and books was thus confirmed as being necessary to both as to be acceptable beyond crammed mouths and a little spit up.

His great aunt takes a sip of her white wine, her eyes rounding into saucers as she mistakenly hears him say "Ethel". He's not sure what he said, he offers, and leans forward, fingers crossed. He picks the cashews from the crystal bowl of mixed nuts she puts out for his visits and sinks back again into the floral couch. Her mouth tightens into a small opening, her breath a steady whistle. Her head shakes slightly; her brow creases. And just as quickly she's forgotten and takes another sip of her white wine.

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