Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Out where the street ends, in a basement apartment

Caucasian woman, mid 20s, with spiky brown hair and defined philtrum, poised in front of a workspace covered in lengths of ribbon, wire, pliers and rusty edges encased in drying resin, reading aloud.

253, Geoff Ryman (St. Martins Griffin)

Page 84:

Mr. Savi Gupta

Outward appearance

Fleshy Indian man in loose brown shirt and camel-coloured overcoat. Slightly bouffant hair with waves. Holds a rolled, unread newspaper. Sits sprawled and relaxed, like a laundry basket of expensive clothes.
Breathing unhemmed. Pelvis relaxes. As I unfold, a tear wells, veiling a cruelly clear lens. Voices retreating, I give in and listen.

Sweet surprise, this storytime songstress.


happenin fish said...

so, how ironic is it that when you find a person reading 253, they're not on the subway?

Actually, it's a good thing. If she had been on the subway, and you had seen her there, I think you would have been instantly sucked into a postmodern hall of self-referential mirrors, and we would never have seen you directly again.

Julie Wilson said...

Haha! Brilliant!