Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Big Carrot courtyard, shaded and caffeinated.

Caucasian woman, early to mid thirties, wearing loose faded jeans and a worn orange t-shirt. (She is, after all, on vacation.) A tiny sparrow, finch, robin, falcon, she can't tell the difference, lands on her table eyeing muffin crumbs. They converse. The woman and the bird, not the bird and the muffin crumbs. Muffin crumbs can't talk. But if they could, what would they say? "I beseech thee, talon beastie! Not another step closer!" Perhaps.

Geist, summer 2007 (The Geist Foundation)

Page 22:

From "The Gist of Everything" by Quade Hermann

I stare at the floor, wondering if I've falsely accused her. Accidents do happen, after all. A few minutes later she hobbles back past me and into the kitchen, gabbling on about her cat's arthritis, as if I hadn't asked about her drinking and she hadn't refused to answer.
The phone rings once, a rushed pick up, the cradle landing on the carpet, a muted thud she can hear even from the guest room. She's awake, chest pounding. She props up on her elbows, remembers where she is. Flight home tomorrow. She strains to hear the tone of the whisper, adjusts to the glow of the clock radio, 2:23 am. Jesus, flight home today. She turns on her side and compulsively smoothes the rumples of her bed sheet, wishing her mother would get a new boyfriend.


nadinebc said...

Really cool idea for a blog!

Wisewebwoman said...

I had good news from a publisher, today Julie. They are interested in a book of my short stories, based on a sample I had sent them way last year. I had forgotten. Just goes to show ya, ha?
I think it's about time you changed the orange shirt.
I hope you're enjoying your vac and Gawd I just adore The New Yorker. I keep a huge pile here for visitors/guests.

Julie Wilson said...

Thanks nadinebc! Stop by any ol' time. :)

Julie Wilson said...

www, you go, girl! Just curious, over the months have you dipped back into the stories to read and/or edit? I often think the hardest part for a writer is holding off on making inevitable changes while waiting to hear feedback.

My vacation was lovely. Surprisingly easy and breezy. Really just a pleasant little bit of down time. And, hey, you'd have to see this orange shirt! She's a beaut! :)