Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yonge Line, comfortable between two strangers.

Asian woman, mid 20s, with broad, black frames, wearing a fitted short sleeved white tee and black dress pants, long, black hair tied into itself in a firecracker ponytail.

Michael Redhill, Consolation (Anchor Canada)

Page 73:

The man at the back of the store was his own father's age. He was drying his hands on a cloth, both of his sleeves rolled up, and looked our over the scene in his shop. The scents of mixing alcohol and carbonized sugar wafted through the space, a smell that spoke of industry.

The simple satisfaction of enjoyable and challenging work, a high metabolism, free board in her parent's house, and a photogenic pug. It leaves reserves, dedicated energy to her books and reading, her truest pleasure. She's a Lucky One and knows it.


Kate said...

She knows she's lucky. Can I get some of that?

Anything else on the reading list?

Julie Wilson said...

Ahh, to widdle away until there's nothing left but what we want and need with a few pleasant surprises thrown in just to keep us on our toes.

Anything on my reading list? I've recently been introduced to John Ditsky, a Canadian poet. I'm quite touched by his work. Simple and profound images like a father watching his young daughter with combined pleasure and fear and she carves off a slice of peach, raising the knife to her lip. It's lovely stuff.