Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Introducing "The Wonder Bun"

Caucasian woman, early 40s, with blonde hair always placed high in a loose bun. She wears a swirling silver ring and fashionable square glasses almost as if to offset her uniform attire, often a black v-neck t-shirt, black dress pants and black, dressy sneakers. I imagine she works somewhere downtown, possibly in catering, maybe at one of the large accounting firms serving breakfast danishes to board meetings, quietly refreshing the large thermos of coffee, every hour, on the hour.

Ricochet, Sandra Brown (Pocket)

Page 494:

"Drop your weapon, Duncan!"
"You wouldn't--"
"Oh yes, I would."
He stared at her aghast. "You'd shoot me?"
She puts her ear to the door, one hand steadying a plate of cookies, an early morning request from The Client. She listens for a break in conversation, preferably group laughter, something to signal that should she enter the room right now she won't find herself privy to the inner workings of member holdings, the rise or fall of soft lumber, or, worse, silence which not one person is able to fill with a Please or Thank You.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh....I am smiling at this entry. Memories!! Great idea for a blog. Hope everthing is well with you.
Gail Anderson

Julie Wilson said...

Hey you!!!

I'll be in touch...for real. ;)