Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bloor Line, borrowed from big brother.

Asian girl, 15-16, with a red stripe in her hair, pink iPod jelly case and "LIVE" bracelet.

Dead Money, Grant McCrea (Vintage Canada)

Page 131:

I was game for a challenge. I knew it was foolish. Poker isn't like highjumping, or tennis. You don't draw on extra resources of energy and suddenly transcend your opponent's performance. There's too much luck involved.
Each night after dinner, she sits in the dip of the bed, watches as her older sister changes into a black turtleneck and, illuminated by a make up mirror, runs liquid liner against the edge of her lashes while the hair iron heats. She palms her sister's practice deck, cuts it down the middle and flutters the cards into a near perfect shuffle. Her sister turns in her chair.

"Easy now. You'll put me out of a job."

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