Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bloor Line on a rainy, rainy day.

Caucasian woman, early 30s, with curly brown hair, ends slightly frazzled from where the rain made its way inside her hood. She wears a full length denim coat, collar up, her nose warmed by the scarf she wears wrapped round high.

Late Nights on Air, Elizabeth Hay (McClelland & Stewart)

Part way in:

An upper lip as downy as he imagined her legs might be. And yes, when she stood up later and came around the table, her legs were visible below a loose blue skirt, and the mystery of her voice was solved. She was European. European in her straightforwardness, her appearance, her way of speaking, which was almost too calm, except when the page was alight. Then her voice caught fire.

A chicken and avocado wrap with sprouts for crunch. A mandarin orange, banana and tightly wrapped bundle of celery sticks. Calcium pill with magnesium, multi-vitamin and vial of ginseng. Thermos of vanilla soy milk and a container of frozen fruit in the staff fridge. But it's the dark chocolate pudding cup she's thinking about, the one she had for breakfast, licking both sides of the spoon, three times over.


ZitaKatalin said...

Hey Julie, hope you're well.

I haven't been to your site in a while ... busy with life and such, you know.

But I'm glad to see that you're still writing about your Readers.


Take care, all the best to you, and I will be back more regularly, I promise.


Julie Wilson said...

Hey Zita!

I'm great; hope you are, too!

See you in the 'sphere...