Thursday, December 20, 2007

Their return.

Her hair is shorter, cropped at the shoulder. She's made a brave choice, bangs on curly hair. She leans forward over her newspaper. (Yes, it's hers. The early bird of the house. The others will have their news delivered in hindsight, after dinner, on the couch, a cup of tea or wine on the side table.) She pulls at the hair, impatient, willing it to grow. It falls loose, masking her face like the ears of a cocker spaniel.

He can't deny it's cute. He preferred her hair longer, the forceful part down the middle, how it fell over her shoulders, how she tucked it under a fleece headband in winter, something resembling an 80s tennis player. The day she showed up at the station after the cut she wouldn't look him in the eye. He knew. He knew he had one chance to get this right.

"Now, I can see your eyes all the time."

Her husky blues.

Young love.

**I'll be back January 7, 2008. Warm wishes and see you soon!**


awdּball said...

i missed them!

Wendy said...

I have finally realized that the reason you never "see" me reading is that you travel much too early in the morning...


I don't make it to Spadina Station until about 8 a.m.

Have a great Holiday! I'm on my way to that cozy spot now!

Julie Wilson said...

I'd say we probably miss each other by about twenty minutes each day. Big city, but a small world. Maybe I should start telling people where I'll be, at what time, and see who shows up, reading what...?

Take care!

Anonymous said...

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