Thursday, January 10, 2008

East Indian male, 50s, with moustache, wearing glasses, a blue and tan jacket, and blue sneakers.

Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather, Gao Xingjian (Author), Mabel Lee (Translator) (HarperCollins)

Page 104:

People are mountain climbing. Everyone is trying to outdo the other and it seems to be a race up the mountain. Thre are men and women, some wearing shorts, some carrying backpacks. There are also old and young people, some have walking sticks and some have small children, and pairs of boys and girls who are holding hands, so it doesn't seem like a race.
Breakfast was hot water with fresh lemon, a co-worker's recommendation to help with bloating, the result of too many office parties and client dinners. As he dragged the juice for pits, combing them free with a fork, he blushed at the thought of this young friendship, the woman a generation younger, and he relieved that he didn't find her attractive. He couldn't speak with his wife about such things as a sensitive stomach.

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