Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bloor Line, standing out from the crowd.

Caucasian male, early 50s, with long face, wavy, grey hair parted down the middle, "I Am Salman Rushdie" button pinned on North Face jacket, wearing red jeans and white sneakers.

The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins (Mariner Books)

Page 150:

So, we have seen that eyes and wings are certainly not irreducibly complex; but what is more interesting than these particular examples is the general lesson we should draw. The fact that so many people have been dead wrong over these obvious cases should serve to warn us of other examples that are less obvious, such as the cellular and biochemical cases now being touted by those creationists who shelter under the politically expedient euphemism of "intelligent design theorists."
As a boy, he'd stood in the woods watching. The man was the first redhead he'd ever seen naked, the second man. His body hair was shocking, not in mass or texture. It glowed, back lit by a low morning sun. This minister had started dating his mother. His minister. They were bathing in the lake, thinking him still asleep. This was the first redheaded naked minister he'd ever seen, he thought, and went back to bed.

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