Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Canada Reads 2008, Entry Three

Bloor Line, last day before a long weekend.

Caucasian woman, 50s, with blond, soft perm, wearing long beige overcoat and knitted scarf, book in lap, pages levitating.

Not Wanted on the Voyage
, Timothy Findley (Penguin)

Page 54:

Mottyl caught only one further glimpse of the cormorant as she paused to get round a particularly fat hedgehog who had fallen asleep in her path--and the glimpse revealed the cormorant spreading its wings as if to dry them after a dive in a river. Then the sight of it was lost--forever, as it turned out--beyond the closing fronds of fern and bagwood.
The bathroom has been cleaned, the carpets vacuumed. An early morning round to empty the trash cans is all that will be needed, then she can set to the task of the snacks--Cherry Crunch Coffee Cake and Almond Drops. Her ladies will like that. She's pulled the china teapot from storage, yellow and green flowers, the inside walls stained from monthly visits, the tradition of her mother's book club living on in spots of Red Rose.

Canada Reads 2008

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