Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Elevator, 7th floor

Caucasian male, mid 40s, balding, with close-cropped grey hair, wearing glasses, new black leather car coat, carrying new black leather shoulder bag and old, tattered Nike backpack, new Asics dangling from the strap.

Consolation, Michael Redhill (Anchor)

Page 5:

He slipped the book back into its space on the shelf, running two fingers along its spine to ensure it was flush with the others. It was the sort of gesture Bridget noticed and made fun of from time to time, but she was silent now, looking through him. "I think you should leave her alone," he said. "It’s been two months. She should do whatever she needs to help her cope."
He would never buy anything second hand, not a cd, not a book. And while his wife spends months collecting bags of clothes and kitchen wares, his dirty secret drives past the donation centre, tossing the bags into an industrial garbage bin behind the shopping mall.

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