Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LeVack Block, Anansi Poetry Bash

Caucasian male, 40s, wearing light brown tshirt and blue jeans. As he takes the stage, he pulls on a baseball cap and says something I may have misheard but hope I didn't, that when you make yourself comfortable in front of an audience, the audience too will become comfortable.

Revolver, Kevin Connolly (House of Anansi Press)

Page 3:

From "Terre Haute"

We're used to a season progressing logically,
then, heading south by car, it suddenly
makes no sense in reverse: a race from
ice to snow, gray earth and nippled trees,
pooled water and mud, then the first white blades,
seeming to expire when they're really
cutting way for flowers...
By the time she spotted the three deer running through the field, the farmer had already lowered his crossbow and turned back toward the house. She lifted her foot from the gas. As the car coasted to a stop, she put the car in reverse and centred the farmer in her rearview.

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You got it exactly right.