Thursday, April 10, 2008

Magog, Quebec, late morning at the cottage

Caucasian woman, mid teens, with shoulder length thick brown hair and clear ice-blue eyes, wearing a Simple Plan hoodie, blue jeans, sneakers, and a generous smile.

All Around Town, Mary Higgins Clark (Pocket Star)

Page 128:

One Monday evening, as the monsignor began to lock up the church, he passed the confessional. The thief who stole the chalice had to have been hiding in there, he thought. If the diamond in the chalice had been what he was after, I can only pray that the cup itself wasn't tossed away into a garbage dump.
She'd pulled two quarters from her jeans pocket and fed them into the tight mouth of the donation box, then picked up a long match to light two votive candles. Once the wicks had taken the flame, she'd bowed her head, moved her lips as if in prayer, and slowly slid her camera from her purse. Snapping a photo of the wall of candles, she thought 50¢ was a good investment for a photo op that would score at least $50.00 on a stock photo site.

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