Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spadina streetcar

Caucasian woman, mid 30s, shaggy short brown hair, sleek frame, tucked tight into a buckled black jacket, one gloved hand, the other bare, balancing the book and the second glove, black frames, manicured nails, faint and lovely smell, shoes I don't recognize but I'm guessing they're the outfit's anchor.

Continuity Girl, Leah McLaren (HarperCollins)

She interrupted him with a sharp laugh. "You know, that's what everyone says about me. I seem so together. So on top of everything. So under control. But you know what I feel like inside? A bomb site. A disaster area." She opened her eyes wide and pointed to her chest. "I am Beirut."

Oh my God, you so totally have a run in your stocking. End scene.

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