Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Insomniac Press Fall Launch Party, Dora Keogh

Featuring Andy Brown, author of The Mole Chronicles, Pam Mordecai, author of Pink Icing, and Nick Thran, author of Every Inadequate Name.

Dear Andy,
I've had three moles removed, more freezing needles than I'd care to remember, and a scar that stretches an inch past the return my mother got on her investment in a plastic surgeon. My little sluggy scar.

Dear Pam,
I loved the part where you got into it, found your breathing and the character, your arm cocked behind your Caribbean hips, fist clenched, an eight year old girl lunging across the street because you take the journey.

Dear Nick,
Your two suitcases to get to this city are familiar, not because I know you but because I know someone else with two suitcases who ended up here too, working the Joe job, making her way, making her mark.

Nick Thran reading from page 45:

That night she cut the pieces thick.
After they'd cooled, placed two
on a bone white china plate, and whispered
through that beautiful silence:
they are okay now

You're grateful and I'm happy for you. To be able to look up and not only see a pocket of people you know and trust, but pockets, plural. That has to feel good.


Kulsum said...

What a great idea! I can't wait to check back every day.

Julie Wilson said...

Thanks kindly!

pampy said...

Hi Julie:

It's half past four and I'm trying again to post a comment here! Glad you enjoyed the launch/reading. Nick and andy were great writerfellows to share it with. Thanks so much for being there. I'm reading on 18 November at the Miami In'tl Book Fair, along with some other fine folks from the Caribbean. If you've friends in florida, do tell them to come by.

Take care and be warm and well.

Julie Wilson said...

I loved your reading. I remember smiling through it all. The characterization of your protagonist was a joy. Per-il!