Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cologne-close on the Bloor Line

Caucasian male, late 20s, short blonde hair with soft, frizzy bangs, wearing a black jacket, black pants, tight across the back, sporting a mag light, clip and Motorola walkie talkie. Security guard.

Dust jacket removed. Page 150:

Unsafe at Any Altitude: Failed Terrorism Investigations, Scapegoating 9/11, and the Shocking Truth About Aviation Security Today, Susan B. Trento & Joseph J. Trento (Steerforth)

When President Bush addressed the nation about 9/11, Kathy and Blythe sat watching the television and praying. Kathy was sick with worry that the president would bring up the company's name. She prayed and prayed that he wouldn't--and he didn't. She said it was almost as if he stopped the speech before saying the word Argenbright.
You've been standing in front of the kitchen television since the second plane. You watch the first tower fall and cup your mouth with both hands because the windows are open and children are playing. You go to your computer and stare. You type.
Dear CBS,

The Big Brother Houseguests have the right to know what's going on and should be given the free will to make their own decisions based on timely and accurate information. What was supposed to be a study of community is now taking away the right of your gameshow's contestants to belong to one. You have an opportunity to show your viewers what a responsible media is all about.

Thank you.


Rob said...

Wow. I Just heard about what you're doing on the CBC and felt compelled to write you. As a bit of an amateur writer myself, it's similar to something I've done in the past to self-inspire. I take a collection of pictures or images that strike me and then write a story that encompasses all of the images. I find it quite effective at times and it seems similar to what you do in taking images and then text to inspire and project your own creativity onto those random pairings. Your methodology seems much more interactive, even if somewhat clandestine and voyeuristic.

Cheers :)

Julie Wilson said...

It's funny how we can treat these exercises as just that--exercises. When, in fact, maybe they're useful, purposeful. I couldn't have imagined that this would reach a readership, let alone aid in creating one. All that to say, long live self-inspiration!

And...I'm really very innocent. :)

The Chapatikid said...


Tim said...

I don't know very much about television--perhaps only enough to know that Houseguests, proper case, is televisistic--but I sense that this post was very clever.

Julie Wilson said...

There goes that Pop Culture, bringing people together!

jayemtee said...

the prerfect execution of this gem made me choke on my morning coffee... it's a good thing.

Julie Wilson said...


And I'm happy you're breathing too.