Friday, February 23, 2007

Yonge Line, in to work early.

Caucasian woman, mid 50s with blonde bob, wearing a long purple overcoat with poppy, carrying a nylon thatched bag baring the image of an old leather golf bag.

The Outstretched Shadow, Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory (Tor Books)

Page 76:

The war-to-come was going forward nicely. Just as he and Mother intended, the Mage City continued to draw inward even as it expanded its territory, isolating itself not only from the Otherfolk, but also from all outside human contact, wallowing in its own spiritual decay. Lovely.

Mother: Look at your cousin Tess over at the crab dip. Girl looks like she could cry.

Son: Grandma choked on a strawberry seed. She's still in the washroom.

Mother: How does someone choke on a strawberry seed?

Son: I say, don't eat strawberries.

Mother: Oh god, look. Tess is going for the dip.

Son: Maybe she just needs to master the dip. I hear it's one of the steps.

Mother: I don't think that's one of the steps.

Son: You sure?

Mother: Pretty sure. I think you have to call someone and tell them you love them.

Son: Anyone?

Mother: Maybe. I don't know. Maybe? Oh, I really don't know.

Son: Either way, she's off the wagon. You can't see the celery for all that dip.

Mother: I really don't understand how Grandma can choke on something the size of a...

Son: ...seed?

Mother: Why is your father standing over by the hedges?

Son: I don't know, why is your husband standing over by the hedges?

Mother: Is he smoking?

Son: More to the point, how old is that girl?

Mother: Is that your second cousin? What's her name?

Son: Jocelyn. No. Janice. No. Judy-Jeremiah. I really don't know. "J" something. She's really...

Mother: Bras can do so much these days.

Son: You should go get your husband.

Mother: You should go get your father. People will talk.

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