Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dovercourt Road, sunning outside the laundromat

Caucasian woman, mid 20s, light brown hair pulled into high ponytail, wearing pink "short" shorts and a white tank top. Matching tattoos book end each elbow crease, something with wings.

Something Blue, Emily Giffin (Griffin)

About page 35:

But then both he and Rachel flatly refused to include me in any post date gossip, and that irritated me as I was better friends with each of them then they could have become with each other on one stupid date.

She rocked back in the weathered patio chair and pulled a potato chip from the bag between her knees. The noise inside her head filled with the crunch of ridges, the edges scoring her cheeks. She was still sore from that morning, the sudden urge to make love brought on by an intense sadness, waking to find the world as she'd left it before the six pack. The salt and vinegar bit at the back of her throat, up her nose, and as the tears settled behind her eyes, she couldn't tell the difference between pain and pleasure.

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