Monday, August 27, 2007

Dorset, hammock time

Caucasian girl, 9, wedged in a hammock, wearing blue hoodie, shorts and a floppy Girl Guides hat with buttons, Garfield and The Pepsi Challenge. Her sister, 3, stands at the edge of the frame with short, curly hair, wearing a beige cable knit sweater and a bemused expression intended for their father photographer, her tight fists blurred by emotion.

The Bunnicula Collection, James Howe (Atheneum)

About page 15:

Mrs. Monroe picked up the bowl of milk and moved toward the kitchen. Chester followed her every movement with his eyes, which now seemed to be popping out of his head. When she reached the kitchen door, she turned back and said, "Let's not have any more arguments. We'll compromise. He's a bunny and we found him at a Dracula movie, so we'll call him Bunny-cula. Bunnicula!"

The chipmunk scours the rhododendrons, pawing empty peanut shells, finding a stray nut and pushing it deep into its cheek. Overhead a rumble, sudden, fast and airborne dachshund belly flops at the base of the stairs, ready for anything.


Lostcheerio said...

My kids and I are reading Bunnicula now! Who knew you could learn about ambiguity from a vampire rabbit?

Julie Wilson said...

I have a fondness for Bunnicula through a friend who read it as a child. She was really impacted by the lil' vampire bunny. And she's such a tremendous adult now that I can't help but be happy that as a young 'un she clearly read things that shaped the wide-eyed person she is today. Reading's kinda cool like that, you know?

Hope you and the kids are enjoying it!