Thursday, August 23, 2007


Caucasian woman, 30s, wearing black pants and a purple top. She laughs easily, although alone. She's familiar, although not in the production. She's been here before. Her comfort is an absence of expectation. She's here to see how others will react.

FOE programme, draft89

Page 4:

Jennifer Neales, Con Artist

This is Jennifer's first production with draft89. She recently returned from Japan after four years of teaching English and performing on stages across Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. She sends thanks out to her family and friends for their continued support.

Everybody lies.

Invited into open space and a soundtrack reminiscent of Philip Glass. We huddle close together, knees and backs touching, leaning forward, crouching, protective, the audience on display at the centre of a tiny room. I look at the woman across from me, the man beside her, and I hear it: It wasn't only the once.


Anonymous said...

ms. julie,
writing about the programme of the show is lovely. thank you for attending. thank you for listening. thank you for watching with eyes wide open.

Julie Wilson said...

my pleasure, jen. you know how tickled i am to see you going for the dream. very proud of you. :)