Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Arts and Letters Club, The Alcuin Society 2006 Awards for Excellence in Design in Canada

Caucasian male, mid 60s, with white hair and full beard, wearing a brown suede jacket, white collared shirt and black jeans. His glasses sit comfortably low on the bridge of his nose. He is not one of the men in the portraits, but could be. (But would rather not be.) He is classic and male, at home in his leather boots. Just a guy who values craft, care and a gleeful attention to detail.

Wide Slumber for Lepidopterists, a. rawlings, designed by Bill Kennedy (Coach House Books)

With apologies. I know the spacing isn't justifying the text...

Page 73:

habit of holding
shoulder blades
as wings
when at rest

pins in ings if
wing veins

On the bay, coasting toward the waterfall. An outstretched branch leans heavy over the shoreline. He paddles under it, chin tipped, jaw slack, shoulders arching, the swollen mass bulbous, chalky-white like bird dung. He sits up and feels the sun glow against his bare shoulders, letting the current carry him to a dull trickle, away from nature's piƱata.

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