Monday, October 15, 2007

Bloor Line, sitting to avoid the path of an overstuffed purse.

Caucasian woman, late 20s, with wet brown hair solidly parted down the middle, the ends tucked behind her ears slowly drying up to the root. She wears grey dress pants and a white blouse. The top of a stainless steel spoon peeks out from the side pocket of her bag, bundled in a paper towel, tongue streaked.

The Iraq Study Group Report: the Way Forward - a New Approach, The Iraq Study Group, James a. III Baker, Lee H. Hamilton

Page 75:

RECOMMENDATION 44: The most highly qualified U.S. officers and military personnel should be assigned to the imbedded teams, and American teams should be present with Iraqi units down to the company level. The U.S. military should establish career-enhancing incentives for the officer and personnel.

While answering the phones yesterday, a woman on the other end of the line was mean. She transferred her, cutting off the tail end of her missive and waited, still waits, for the polite exchange with her manager, a few "helpful" suggestions.

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