Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bloor Line, home to peel off the chill

Black woman, early 40s, with black coat, black tux pants, silver hoop earrings and French tips.

Every Woman's Got a Secret, Brenda L. Thomas (Pocket Star)

Page 211:

"You trying to get me drunk tonight?" I asked, wondering how far Julius would go, and that's when I felt his fingers unbuttoning my dress, turning my skin to fire under his touch.
The dog leans back on his haunches and quivers, the start of a valiant effort that will land him nearly on the coach and into her lap. She lifts him the rest of the way, stroking his soft curls, his milky eyes cornered in goop. She holds his jaw and picks him clean, his breath metallic with today's meds.

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