Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bloor Line, Grande

Caucasian woman, late 40s, wearing grey hooded parka, black Groove pants, carrying gym bag and tote, balancing a Grande Starbucks.

The Pillars of the Earth (Oprah's Book Club), Ken Follett (Berkley)

Page 21:

For an instant Tom stood still in a sick panic. Then he leaped forward, shouting and waving his arms; but this was a war-horse, trained to charge at yelling hordes, and it did not flinch. Martha stood in the middle of the narrow path, staring as if transfixed by the huge beast bearing down on her. There was a moment Tom realized desperately that he could not get to her before the horse did.
In grade ten, her family prepared to move from their small town farmhouse to a larger city with a bigger school. She packed her helmut away and cradled the soft brush, her field boots set aside to polish even though they would sit in storage for awhile, the wheelchair's footplates too narrow for their soles.

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