Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bloor Line, hunched.

Black woman, early 30s, with shaved head and penciled in eyebrows, wearing all black, carrying a black and hot-pink backpack, a black and hot-pink padlock attached to the zipper.

Town House, Tish Cohen (Harper Perennial)

First few pages:

Jack leaned sideways to peer at himself in the reflection of the darkened window. John Cusack? He turned his head to the left. To the right. Rubbed his jaw between his finger and his thumb and narrowed his dark eyes. Maybe if he kept his eyebrows covered.
Her husband surprised her last night. It was bright and soft, friendly and forgiving. She rested her cheek against his forehead and held him as he wept, the dog pillow placed beside the toilet in time for her next treatment.

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