Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bloor Line, Sunday brunch

Hispanic male, early 40s, with brown, finger-combed hair, wearing blue jacket, glasses and headphones.

While Canada Slept, Andrew Cohen (McClelland & Stewart)

Page 2:

As the country's chief diplomat, Manley was refreshing. Amid the puree of platitudes which passes for truth in Ottawa these days, his lament had a ring of authenticity.
The woman next to him wonders how he can read with headphones on. She's shared her opinion with the woman, of no relation, next to her, and the man across the aisle. How, she continues, he can concentrate is beyond her, the snap on her purse keeping time with the toe of her boot. There is no music. There are no batteries. Just a failed buffer. And, yes, he'd like to concur, it is rather hard to hear with all this racket.

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