Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bloor Line, mid afternoon

South Asian woman, late 50s, with long black hair, wearing black trench coat, and oversized brown leather bag. One hand holds the pole, the other the book.

Bittersweet, Danielle Steel (Dell)

Page 248:

The wedding the next day was a grandiose affair, filled with pomp and ceremony. And India knew without developing them that she had gotten fabulous pictures of it. The bride looked incredible in a Dior gown.
Time got away. She managed each day. Answered the emails. Picked up the phone. When the weekend came, she sank into her couch, raised a glass, then another. Cheers to the end of a long week. Cheers to another glass of wine. It wasn't until morning that she remembered the wedding, that she'd forgotten to take her suit to the cleaners. Sitting on the groom's side, she pressed her palms against her crinkled thighs, pulled at the hem of her jacket, and hoped no one else could detect the faint musk of sweaty socks emanating from her collar. It's hard to be happy for the couple when you're dressed in hamper hand-me-downs.

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